2018 Russia W/CQ:Egypt team isn’t at the top level as ten years ago-Coach Lechantre


Congo national team manager Pierre Lechanter has talked about his sides match preparation to face Egypt .

In an interview with the Congolese press, Lechantre talked about the recent visit from the president of the Congolese Football Federation as well as the country’s Sports Minister in order to support the players before their match against Egypt in the 2018 Russia World Cup qualifiers.

“Everything’s good in Kintélé, there are no injuries in the team and everyone’s motivated,”Lechantre told the press.

“Our approach will be similar to the Guinea Bissau match, with perhaps only two or three changes with some players changing their positions.”

“We have watched them against Tanzania and South Africa, but they are not the same team of ten years ago which was at the top African level.”

“But we know Egyptian football is one of the greatest in Africa, having two major clubs, Ahly and Zamlek, with great players also playing abroad.”

Lechantre also talked about  his plans for neutralized the AS Roma star Mohammed Salah.

“We said to the players that we’ll deal with a player who is very fast and we know his qualities, so we worked on that.

“He’s one of the best players in Europe, but we’re not just fixed on him and we have the advantage in our own game and we’ll show that.”

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