Baba Gedo: Amidaus Professionals Chief admits paying GHS 10,000 as bribe to a referee


President of Amidaus Professionals Alhaji Baba Gedo has admitted to paying bribes to referees during their time in the Ghana Premier League.

The Tema-based Division One outfit featured for two seasons in the elite league before suffering relegation in the 2014 season.

He also revealed that he paid bribes to referees for favours during his outfit’s stay in the Premier League but he’s seen the light now that the officials are rather making money off them.

“I paid bribes to referees on countless occasions during our time time in the Premier League,” Gedo discosed.

“No football administrator in Ghana can run away from this fact. I used to pay fat bribes to referees but I’ve stopped now because I didn’t benefit from it.”

“What’s pissed me off is you’ll pay the bribe and the referee’s will still go ahead and rob you, which means he has collected bribe from your opponents as well, so at the end of the day it’s them [referees]who are benefiting,” Gedo deduced.

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