Caf new president Ahmad refuses to accept a salary


The newly elected Confederation of African Footbal (CAF) President, Ahmad, says he has refused to accept a salary from African football’s governing body.

The 57-year-old from Madagascar held his first senior Caf meetings on Monday (May 8) ahead of the Fifa Congress on Thursday 11 May.

“I’ve refused a Caf salary for the simple reason it doesn’t respect good administration. The salaries of all Caf employees, from administrators to the executive committee and president, all have to be transparent,” he said in an interview with BBC Sport,

Among the topics that Ahmad is key to address is how to reform Caf.

“The reform of the administration is a very important point, everyone must know what is happening” said Ahmad.

“First we must review the standards of management so that we can apply the reforms.” Ahmad also says there is much work to be done to make Caf work “as it should.”

“I’m sorry to tell you when I was part of the Caf Executive Committee there was no separation of powers – the judicial body, the executive one and the congress – and we have to respect the independence of each body.”

“There is a big tendency to monopolise power in the executive committee. It has to be reviewed and reformed with new statutes for Caf so that everyone can concentrate on their proper tasks.”

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