We converted Koforidua sports stadium into a farm to save money – NSA


The eastern regional director of the National Sports Authority Mrs. Gifty Horsu-Fianu has made a startling claim that they converted the Koforidua sports stadium into a farm to save money which would have otherwise be given to weed the place.

Half of the Koforidua stadium has been converted into a farm with various kinds of crops clearly visible near the pitch. The Stadium has nothing to boast of save the green grass pitch with the farm sporting a nice formation of plantain and cocoyam in a very healthy condition.


The farm at the Koforidua stadium

In an exclusive interview with sportsworldghana.com, the director revealed the financial difficulties facing the NSA and why she converted the stadium into a farm.

“The reason why I gave it out is, you realize that the whole place is bushy, I believe that there are reptiles all over. So, if I give it to some of the labourers to farm there, they will be compelled to be weeding it all the time. I will not cough money for them to weed it, they know that they use the place as a farm or garden, so they will put their hands into their pocket and weed the place to cut down the number of reptiles coming to the stadium and the pitch itself.” She ended.

The stadium pitch with the farm in the background

She appealed to the general public and organizations to come to their aid in their quest to refurbish the stadium and convert it into a multi-sports facility.

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