Don’t travel until government releases funds -Kpenge warns Federation heads


National sports Authority boss Joe Kpenge has instructed various federations’ heads not to travel to international competitions over financial constraints .

His directive comes in the wake of the Authorities indebtedness to several travel and tour agencies in the country which has resulted in the confiscation of some of their properties.

Currently the body mandated to run and develop sports in Ghana is going through huge financial crisis.

Mr. Kpenge wants all federations’ heads to halt traveling activities until government approves funds for them to travel.

“Over the years,we have incurred travel expenses and a lot of this debts are because Associations travel and once approval was giving by office of Chief of Staff,they have taken it mean that they can go and credit travel tickets and travel and that has brought us into this mess”he told Starr FM

“We wrote to the Association with some resistance telling them that the fact the the chief of Staff approves travels does not mean you can go and credit travel tickets because if you do,it is not to be transferred to the national sports Authority”he added.

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