FEATURE: Time is running fast, Phobia


I wish am writing this as a staunch Hearts of Oak fan but unfortunately am not. I doing this just to remind the glorious fraternity every minute of the 2016/17 season is as important the lives they have spent with the team.

For eight seasons now, virtually everything that comes with Hearts of Oak is in the negative side of life- Everything about Phobia seems wrong and the team that used to be an envy of African club football is fading out with no care for it.

The only thing successive administrators have consolidated in the last couple of years is reminding the estimated 5million supporters its birthday, there they will erect tenant and pop champagne, read history and vacate to their homes without caring for the hunger and suffering of the teeming fans those hopes and aspirations are bind in the team.

The spirit of failure was not made for Hearts of Oak only but it is evident Phobia commands the greatest number of it as we speak. Some few fans who are refusing to see the dwindling fortunes will be arguing on the streets: the team has not been relegated and still one of the best teams in Africa in terms of history.

My dear fans who argue from that perceptive, it is time to put stop to those frivolities and direct strength to the course of Hearts of Oak and demand something generations would be proud of. You must not wait during Hearts-Kotoko matches before you are known as true Phobian. The fight to become a true fan start from everywhere, your homes, and street, attending lesser games, giving your all, and paying when is necessary.

Why should it always be Hearts of Oak- anything synonymous with draw and defeat is what Phobia holds now. If you are a fan of Hearts of Oak, you are a fan to a club who have not identity on the pitch, a fan whose side cannot hold onto a lead for 90mins.

Sometime ago, teams suffer at the Accra Sports Stadium all in the name of a certain Hearts of Oak. It is rare to see Phobia lose a game at the dreaded, a fortress Accra Sports Stadium but today it is the cheapest venue teams amass points. Why?

Today anybody at all is called upon to don the revered red, yellow and blue stripes of Ghana football. Players whose standard comes no near are ones in charge. They have no appreciation of what it takes to play for Hearts. The previous practice of grooming the players from the youth side has been abandoned completely.

There is no care for the youth team, the commitment to scout for young players and nurture them for the future is non-existence. They go in for overhyped players whose probably strength have not been tested at the highest level, at the end of the journey the story remains the same. This is no how Hearts of Oak should be run.

This is not the first time this advice has been given and probably is not going to be last to be told, the Board, management and everyone connected to the course of Hearts of Oak should go back to time and pick the positives from what made the team what it was, blend it with the present day football administration-again they should look round the world and take the best they can see.

Hearts of Oak should not be used as an avenue to gain material worth- it is not a financial institution.

With sacrifice, courage and handwork, Hearts of Oak will laugh again. Phobia must smile again.


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