“Fraud tag by GBA Boss has affected my career”-Agbeko


Former IBF Bantamweight Champion Joseph Agbeko has expressed surprise at comments made by the President of Ghana Boxing Association Peter Zwennes, describing him as a fraudulent boxer.

“The GBA President’s allegations against me and the fight that has been called off has affected me a lot…because I am a noble man and I have worked hard to build a name for myself,” Agbeko said.

The Ghana Boxing Association, called off the two-time former world champion’s bout against Kenya’s Nick Otieno that was to be staged on June 30th, 2017.

According to Agbeko, “as a former Champion of the sport, it is unfair to refer to me as fraudulent. Joseph Agbeko is a boxer and a different entity from Fresh King Entertainment…fresh King Entertainment is a company.”

The bout between the Ghanaian boxer and Otieno was allegedly organized by Fresh King Promotions an entity belonging to Agbeko, at the blind side of the GBA hence the Authority’s inability to sanction the bout.

In an earlier interview Mr. Zwennes singled out Fresh King Promotion as “problematic” and stated that four years ago the GBA discovered at the last minute that the company in attempt to organize a bout, had no financial resource to cover the expenses of the bout.

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