Ghanaian players cry of poor pay, FIFPRO survey finds no player in Ghana is paid $500


The International federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPRO) has conducted a global survey which has found Ghana as one of the leading countries where footballers are less paid.

The recent survey of FIFPRO looks at the general welfare of footballers around the globe.

Areas the survey covered includes player salary/wages, abuse on footballers, contracts of players, job security, player motivation and match fixing.

The report emphatically stated 100% of footballers in Ghana are under £800 salary cap which makes Ghana one of the worse nations which pays footballers well.

A section of the survey on “Poor pay” as captured by the BBC is below.

“POOR PAY: When it came to pay, 100% of footballers in Ghana said they earned less than $1,000 (£800) a month.

The best-paid African nation when it came to earning over $1,000 a month was Morocco, although players there were the most insecure on the continent about their future.

Egypt’s league is widely seen as the strongest in Africa – with two of its clubs having been crowned African champions more than anyone else.

Al Ahly have won eight titles, Zamalek five (with just one other club, TP Mazembe of DR Congo, also on five). Yet the Egyptian league is the fifth worst-paid of the 13 surveyed in Africa.

Over 90% of players said they were paid under $ 1,000 a month, which may be equivalent to Europe’s worst-paid surveyed country (Ukraine) but which reflects poorly against the tally of just 5% in Morocco.

Have the figures been compromised by the Egyptian league’s recent troubles?
Stadium disasters in 2012 and 2015 have resulted in fans being largely barred from matches, all but annihilating gate receipts (and hugely damaging the domestic game).

The survey’s highest rate of payment delays was in Africa – with over half the continent’s respondents saying they had suffered.

In Gabon, which will host the Africa Nations Cup in January, a whopping 96% of players reported
payment delays”

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