How to win the Ghana league ?- Club CEO Commey and coach Abubakar tell us the secret


Aduana Stars league success this year has led to many wondering and asking questions about what unique strategies and plan the club has put in place that has fetched them two league honors in the eight years the club has spent at in the top level football division.

C.E.O Albert Commey and head coach of Aduana Stars Yusif Abubabar  spoke on the Matured and Academic sports on Monday morning and we learned the following things.

From the management that goes to the bank and signs the cheques CEO Albert Commey points out that proper planning and staying focus were paramount as they avoided destructions in their quest to win the league for the second time.

“We planned well and made sure we remained on that path. There were destructions for instance look at the ordeal we suffered in Wa last season in the title decider but that didn’t destruct us this season. We were always focused ”

To win the league you need a strong and quality team according to Yaya Commey and we agree.

“We also have a strong team – a very balanced one. These players have stayed togetehr for some time and it was all good” Mr.Commey pointed out.

“The constant monetary motivation from Nana Agyeman Badu was very key. The bonus monies were paid on time when even we weren’t expecting it. ” The former Hearts of Oak P.R.O added.

Meanwhile for the coach Yusif Abubakar the key is instilling self-belief in the players.

“You have to put some belief in the players that they can do it. It’s after you’ve done that that they will be ready die for the project. This is very key. The confidence must always be there. We can lose games but the confidence must not go.  It’s not always about how technically good they are but the confidence matters a lot.” Yusif said.

It is often said that you can win a game without motivation but you cannot keep winning if you lack the motivation to do so.  According to the former Berekum Chelsea coach the motivation for the players and the the technical team by the life patron Nana Agyeman Badu was just as crucial for this great feat.

“Another thing is motivation. We were all motivated by the club managers and this helped big time. Nana Agyeman Badu motivated us a lot. ” He added.

Respect your opponent.

“The other teams were very strong. No game was easier for us but it all depends on the foundation especially how you start the league. You can see we started very well – I said to my players that we shouldn’t lose in the first five games and we didn’t. Even on the league table we never dropped from the top 3 places.” The former Berekum Chelsea assistant coach revealed.

The last but not the least and the most important thing according to Abubakar is that at no point should a player feels he’s bigger than the coach.

“You have to command respect from the players and this was very important. My players were very corporative. There is  mutual respect.  No player feels bigger than the team or the coach. You just have to let the player know that he’s important towards the realization of the project and so is the coach” Abubakar added.

To sum things up in order to win the Ghana league a team should be strong and quality, respect your opponents, start the season well, motivated your players and coaches, give them confidence, the coach must control the dressing room and the management must plan ahead and stay united and focused.


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