I can’t work with Tom Strand- Attram


Accra Great head coach Godwin Attram says there is no way he would work with newly appointed trainer Tom Strand.

Attram argues management of the Accra based should have axed him when they were battling for Premiership promotion knowing very that he lacks the technical knowledge to lead the club.

”I am still a member of Accra great Olympics because the fans doesn’t want me to leave the club and I think about what they are saying and the advice they give me. So I have realized that when I leave,the club will have a serious problem. And when the club goes down,am the same person they will run back to and asked for my help.” he told Abusua FM in Kumasi.

My only problem with the club at the moment is the appointment of Tom strand. I don’t think I can work with him. A lot of things have happened already.

As a professional, I realized there are some people in the club I cannot work with when we want to progress. These are some of the things that have caused problems for the club.

‘’They believe in my capabilities that I am a good coach and I can do the job. They want me to do something which I disagree because I am very transparent person and that is one thing that defines me. They have been telling people am stubborn and indiscipline.

In Ghana, when u speak the truth and you don’t allow people to control you to do things in their way,you are tagged as indiscipline and difficult to work with. Today they want to bring somebody they can control and make me an assistant, no way.”

‘’Where were those people when Olympics was suffering in division one? Do u know the monies and time I have invested in that club’’.

They should have appointed somebody when we were in the wilderness. They should have appointed somebody to qualify us to the premier league. Today the team have qualified and after eleven matches, they want to fire me. One of the biggest problems in the club is interference. That is not what happened in division one.

”If you think u can bring a coach for him to succeed looking at what is going on in the club right now, then you are lying to yourself. It is not going to be easy for any coach.”

”Sorry to say, a lot of coaches in Ghana are not transparent. When you are strong and transparent, u are not afraid of anything.”

”I don’t go to anybody to ask for food or money and that’s why I don’t think I can give anybody the chance to dictate or interfere in my work”.

”You can share your opinions but you can’t insist or impose them on me and when problem comes u turn around to blame me Things are not clear for the fans. They don’t know who is the coach is now.”

”Aside that, one of the reasons why we are unable to progress is that, the boys always hear stories that distract them. Since we were promoted, they always hear things like a new coach is coming and hears different thing tomorrow So whatever you put on board as a concentration, the boys do not follow”.

”Everybody can testify to the fact that,Olympics play better than all the teams in Ghana but you still criticize the coach and distract the boys. Instead of you to help me beef up the squad, you are rather pulling me down”.

”You help the coach and criticize constructively, that’s real organization.”It is very difficult to work with people who do not understand football. They only think about their personal interest.”

”I have told management that I need help but not somebody to be the head coach. I gave them three names Didi Dramani, Maxwell Konadu and Ibrahim Tanko to play an advisory role. By God’s grace, all of them have agreed and volunteered to do it.”


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