Management debunks SWAG match report


Management has stated that it hasn’t given any indication that, Kotoko wouldn’t honour the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) cup match.

It says no official of the club has communicated or said anything on the SWAG match and that, stories quoting Operations Director, Ernest Owusu Ansah as saying that, Kotoko can’t honour the match on January 8, 2017 should be disregarded.

Some media reports late Wednesday evening attributed a story to the Kotoko Management member claiming that, he said Kotoko couldn’t play the SWAG Cup match on January 8, 2017 because of time constraints.

However, in an interview with, the Operations Director stated that, SWAG has neither written nor communicated any date to Kotoko to warrant any response either from him or Management.

“That story is false. I haven’t spoken anywhere. The story isn’t true. Our supporters and the media should please ignore it” said the Operations Drector, who further added that, Kotoko were prepared to play the match on any date agreed upon by the parties involved.

When contacted SWAG Secretary, Thomas Boakye Agyeman, who is also Kotoko’s Accra Representative and Premier League Board (PLB) member, he corroborated the Operations Manager’s account.

Thomas Boakye Agyeman appealed to the public to dismiss the story linked to Ernest Owusu Ansah saying that, nothing like that has taken place. He added that, SWAG’s programme on the match would be announced in due course.


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