Nii Lante has been leaking documents to friends, reason why we presented blank budget – GFA


A leading member of the Ghana football Association has revealed to major motive behind their intention to submit a blank budget to the ministry of sports.

The lid hierarchy personality of the FA explained since outgoing sports minister Nii Lante Vandapuye took office, many documents which are not meant for public consumption get into the media even before it becomes official.

The high-ranking member of the FA said Nii Lante has been leaking documents to his friends especially his media cronies just to paint the FA black.

This, according to the Ghana football Association informed their decision to present a blank budget to the ministry ahead of Ghana’s preparation and participation of the  Upcoming AFCON in Gabon.

This is not the first time the football Association has presented a blank budget to the sports ministry but twice all under Nii Lante’s supervision at the ministry.

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