Read Legendary Osei Kofi’s Advice to President Elect -Akufo Addo


National Hero Osei Kofi has suggested to Ghana’s President elect Nana Akufo-Addo to establish a new ministry which will  deal with only football.

The celebrated ex Ghanaian footballer says with the magnitude of the sport in the nation, it will be appropriate to have a ministry on it alone.

Osei Kofi pointed out that with all the various sports it’s  only football that is professionally run in the country hence the president-elect should consider to set up a ministry on it own for football to eradicate corruption in the sport.

“Football is the only professional game in this country. Table tennis, boxing, athletics and the rest are all amateur games so I propose that football be given a separate ministry so that we can check on money squandering” Osei Kofi said on Kumasi based Ashh FM.

Football which happens to be a dominant sport in Ghana has over the years been attention focused for ministers who have worked at the ministry of youth and sports.

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