The 1st Arsenal Fan TV video after 5-1 Bayern rout was as brilliant as you would expect (video)


As Arsenal capitulated in the second half at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday evening, the whole of Twitter lit up looking forward to Arsenal Fan TV.

And, there is absolutely no doubt that Arsenal Fan TV delivered with a special video just a couple of hours after full time against Bayern.

It was Troopz first up and the regular on Arsenal Fan TV absolutely laid into Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

Troopz tears into Arsene Wenger
Arsenal Fan TV host Robbie started by saying that Gooners are upset about how many negative videos there are on the channel right now.

And, this was a rant for the ages from Troopz as he tore into Wenger, demanding for the Arsenal boss to leave the club.

As it stands, this clip, after just seven hours has over 250,000 views – which is testament to the job Arsenal Fan TV have done.

And, also shows the huge fan resentment now facing Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.



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