Nyantakyi responds to Fianoo ‘pilot’ jibe: ‘Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”


Ghana Football Association president Kwesi Nyantakyi has advised Kudjoe Fianoo to stop dragging his name through the mud.

The Ghana League Clubs Association boss for some time has become an even more vocal critic of Nyantakyi, chancing on the least opportunity to slam his administration.

However, the CAF First Vice President appears to have had enough and is not taking Fianoo’s latest criticism lightly. The outgoing AshantiGold chief in an interview with Asempa FM said ”The GFA leadership have no interest in Ghana Football again”, adding that ”The FA president[Nyantakyi] travels more than some pilots.”

In a sharp rebuttal, Nyantakyi has counseled Fianoo not to stay focus on his work as GHALCA boss and not interfere in activities of the FA.


Kudjoe Fianoo

Nyantakyi posted social networking site Facebook, ”Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” These thoughts from Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt aptly apply to the circumstances of Ghana football today because of some pathetic and unfortunate comments by people who ought to know better.”

”The chairman of Ghalca, Mr Fianoo is reported to have said that GFA President and his Vice travel more than pilots while making some other disparaging and degrading remarks about the Chairmen of our Regional Football Associations.”

” It’s a notorious fact that the Presidency of the Ghana Football Association is not an executive position that requires the daily presence of the leader to implement decisions taken by its competent bodies. Even when I am in Accra duty does not require my presence in office on a daily basis. Where my presence is necessary I have made myself available. Modern management practices have allowed the authority to be delegated for designated schedules.”

”Full time administrators and staff have been employed to implement decisions taken by the Executive Committee. So to twists the facts with the main aim of deceiving the masses, is a crude attempt to sow seeds of disaffection for elected officials.”

”My duties at CAF have never conflicted or disabled me from discharging my duties at the GFA. The two roles are inextricably and interestingly connected. Just yesterday the UEFA Congress passed a new amendment that makes it mandatory for members of the UEFA executive committee to hold active positions on their federations as president, vice president, general secretary or chief executive officer. My last trip to the CAF exco meeting in Morocco and being part of the CAF delegation to the UEFA Congress in Bratislava offered the GFA, CAF and other African FAs direct benefits through my presence.”

”Trips abroad for meetings, seminars and workshops are a part and parcel of work ethics of every FA president and other executives. The trips are not for holidays.”

”Our cherished Regional FA Chairmen are engaged in the hard task of developing the game in every nook and cranny of the country and the least we can do for them is to ensure that they can reach the hinterlands where many ventures not to go.”

”We are determined to do our best for football in our country and continent. We wish to assure all that such comments won’t discourage us from delivering on our mandate of developing Ghana football and taking it to greater heights.”

”Mr Fianoo should kindly concentrate on his job as Ghalca chairman and desist from instigating discontent, hatred, opprobrium and dislike for me.”

Nyantakyi has been president since 2005. But has declared he will not seek re-election when he tenure comes to an end next year and kudjoe Fianoo has declared his interest in becoming the next president.

Credit: Joy Sports

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