BLACK STARS: Kwesi Appiah’s Appointment Victory For Local Coaches- Karim Zito


Former Asante Kotoko coach Abdul Karim Zito has considered the appointment of former Al Khartoum trainer James Kwesi Appiah as victory for local coaches in the country.

According to the Dreams FC tactician, once the former Asante Kotoko  defender excels at this new Black Stars job ‘’the level of local coaches will automatically go up’’.

‘’I’m happy about Kwesi Appiah appointment. It is a victory for local caches and am going to fight for that. I have been the campaign manager for local coaches’’. Zito told Abusua FM in Kumasi.

He continued’’ We studied history in schools and if history is anything to go by, then I think he is a good choice. All the major trophies in this country, from club to national side were won by local coaches.’’ The white coaches have done nothing good for this country. They come, enjoy our money and go. I asked myself, why don’t we go back home?

‘’I want all the local coaches to support him. Remember, he is not coming as Kwesi Appiah but he is coming to fight for local coaches. If he is able to succeed, the level of local coaches will go up.

The 55-year old trainer also urged the Ghana Football Association to give Kwesi Appiah the same support they offered former Chelsea boss Avram Grant in his two- year stay in the country to ensure he succeeds wonderfully.

‘’I want the FA to give him all the necessary support like they did for Avram Grant and other foreign coaches because if he is able to win a cup for Ghana, we will not mention only Kwesi Appiah name but also the FA’’.

Everybody will praise the FA that, they have done a good job.

‘’I came closer to Black Stars because of Kwesi Appiah because. I have never seen them train before till Akwasi Appiah was appointed in 2012.

‘’Me I don’t closer to them because if you want to respect yourself, don’t go closer to these boys.

Zito however stated that most of the expatriate coaches who are offered the Black Stars job end up ignoring all local coaches who come their way despite their incredible worth of experience in the coaching field.

‘’I remember in Congo, Atsu told Avram Grant, this is the coach who made me Atsu today. I was sitting there with Asamoah Gyan but Grant was watching me but never mind me.

If it was Kwesi Appiah, he would have come and shake hands with me and hug me.

‘’ He knows that Ghanaians love Black Stars and don’t joke with it.

He also added though a session of the Ghanaian populace doubt the technical knowledge of the Kwesi Appiah, he believes the man currently has abundant experience to restore the good fortunes of the depreciated Black Stars team.

‘’Appiah has gained a lot of experience both locally and internationally, His appointment will give him the opportunity to correct the mistakes he did in the past.


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