Ex Ghana Star Anthony Baffoe wants Introduction of Youth Champions league in Africa


FIFA match coordinator Anthony Baffoe wants CAF to implement youth Champions league on the continent to boost grass-root talent on the continent.

The Ex-Ghana player made this laudable recommendation in the on-going historic African Football Symposium in Rabat, Morocco.

A two –day symposium with the theme, ‘African Football: Our Vision’ promises to give a bright future for the African game.

Making a presentation on FIFPRO Division African recommendations to CAF on the welfare of Africa players, he outlines policy direction for youth development.

“What we concluded to present to CAF is that, the youth need more education, counseling to get them adequately prepared on their next career step. Parents to be included, federations and player unions to work closely together, to advise players from dad agents.”

“Also to build youth academies, a well-structured one around Africa which should be adapted by teams and certificated by federations.”

“Our Long time vision is to create a well-organized youth league, regular academy tournament of all categories and a youth Champions league. Pilot to start on regional bases once good structure is in place.”

“A ‘life after football fund ‘to be created to support players, with a ‘CAF dream team’ to be setup to play gala around the continent to raise  funds to boost life after football fund and players in hardship.”

“Legends to serve as ambassadors and roles model for the youth for CAF and various cooperates social responsibility programs and also Legend to server on various CAF committees.”

“FIFPRO Division African  to create more unions in Africa, to get minimum salary cap for players and insurance.”

Countries on the continent like South African, Rwanda and others have introduced youth football leagues comprising of both girls and boys in the age various categories doing it on the continent at large will produce great talent.

The proposals from the work groups, and submissions from different stakeholders as collated, would be considered by the CAF Executive Committee at its meeting on Thursday .


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