BREAKING: English And Scottish FAs Fined By FIFA For Wearing Poppies On Shirts


FIFA have issued fines to the English FA and Scottish FA for both countries’ decision to disobey the world governing body’s orders and wear poppies on their shirts during the international meeting between the two country’s on Remembrance Day, last month.

The English FA have been hit with a £35,300 fine, with the Scottish FA having to pay £15,700 for their role in what FIFA have labelled a display of political symbols, which has also seen Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales fined £4,000, £11,800 and £15,700 respectively.

The situation was a source of much controversy in the weeks leading up to the match, with FIFA adamant that poppies must not be worn on the shirts of any of the home nations, despite the country’s having done so in recent years.

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