“In football nothing is impossible”- Suarez


Thecenter forward of Barcelona, ​​Luis Suárez, appeared in a press conference in the pre-match of the second leg of the second leg of the Champions League against PSG.

The azulgranas have to raise the 4-0 of the first leg, which makes the challenge something historic.

PSG. “It was a long time of 4-0, the hardest was the first few days, it was a defeat that hurt us, but the beauty of football is that in a few days it gives you the luxury of being able to stand up. With attitude, with goals … That’s our goal in tomorrow’s game. ”

Unusual challenge. “Obviously you think about the game, we’ve all been wanting to play it for days, it’s a pretty challenge for us and the fans,” he said.

Patience. “The game lasts 94 or 95 minutes, we have to be patient and aware that we should not play the desperate, we have to be ambitious, but we have to play with time, the audience has to be patient, there are many statistics that support us. For example, in the second half we can score a lot of goals. ”

PSG, great team. “We are all aware of how difficult it is, but in football, nothing is impossible.” If there is a team capable of scoring four goals, that is Barcelona, ​​all with time, patience and style. We play against a great team “.

Not fit. “We will try not to have chances, but we know they can do them because they have quality. We can do a lot of damage with the ball.”

It is not impossible. “The beauty of football is that as you get older you are facing challenges, tomorrow is complicated, but not impossible, it is important that we all be positive: players, coaching staff, fans …”.

The return of Iniesta. “We all know what Andrés is, he is one of the best in the world in his position, it gives peace of mind to know that he is behind the forwards, I do not know if he will start or not, and that will be confirmed by the coach.”

Homage to Luis Enrique. “To pass in this phase would be a psychic coup at the group level. We have to take it calmly, not thinking about much future, but the hours remaining until the party.”

They will leave everything. “We are able to score four goals for everything we have been doing in the last decade, that the people are calm, we will leave everything to try to turn the situation around.

Penalties. “It’s not the same kicking with teammates laughing in training than with 100,000 people at the Camp Nou.”

Self Convincing. “It’s one of the most important games of my career, you have to convince yourself that you can, that’s the intention of the group.”

Messi, how are you? “Both Leo and all his teammates are keen to play the game, and not only will it depend on him, on the contrary: all Barcelona should be in the same direction to achieve the goal.”

Credit: Marca

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