KIK star Tiffany Weimer heaps praise on Elizabeth Addo


Kvarnsvedens IK forward Tiffany Marie Weimer has heaped praise on Ghana female international Elizabeth Addo insisting ‘Very Good’ Addo has brought so much to the Kvarnsvedens IK team this part of the season.

Kvarnsvedens signed Addo from Hungarian giant Ferencvárosi TC in August this year and has since made an instant impact with the team.

“(Elizabeth) Addo is a very good player who has brought so much to the KIK team this part of the season.Weimer told in an exclusive interview.

“She is very good on the ball and creative, While also does well to win tackles. She’s one of my favourite players on the field, It’s always fun playing with players who see the game the same way you do. She said.

The former Santos FC Player also added that Addo affectionately called ‘Ama Pele’ has the potential to be one of the best players in Africa if only she works hard.

“I think if she continues to work hard and push herself she can be one of the best players in Africa. It’s no question that she has talent, but a lot of talented players don’t go far because they settle with their ability. If she is determined to be one of the best, Then she can be.”

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